Terms and Conditions

Intel® Performance Maximizer

The Intel® Performance Maximizer is an automated CPU overclocking tool to custom-tune a processor.

Performance Tuning Protection Plan

The Performance Tuning Protection Plan is an optional support plan which provides specific benefits in addition to Intel’s standard processor warranty. The Performance Tuning Protection Plan only applies to issues directly related to performance tuning, and provides a one-time replacement of Eligible processors that fail due to overclocking the Eligible Processor outside of Intel’s published specifications. Go to the Purchase a Plan page for a list of Eligible Processors.

Combined Offer

When you purchase the Intel® Performance Maximizer for an Eligible Processor you will receive the Performance Tuning Protection Plan included at no additional cost.

Conditions of Combined Offer

  • The offer is subject to change without notice; Intel may modify or discontinue the offer at any time. All plan purchases prior to the date of discontinuation or the date of such change(s) will remain in effect and be honored according to the terms and conditions accompanying the Intel® Performance Maximizer Performance or Performance Tuning Protection Plan at the time of such purchase.
  • The Combined Offer is not valid on prior orders or purchases; cannot be redeemed for cash.
  • The Combined Offer is void where prohibited or restricted by law.

Intel® Performance Maximizer Terms and Conditions

  • The Performance Tuning Protection Plan will cover the processor running out of specifications for the remainder of the standard warranty. Unless specifically set forth below, the terms and conditions for the Performance Tuning Protection Plan do not replace, change or otherwise impact the scope, length or terms of Intel’s standard processor warranty. No other warranty offered, verbally or in writing, by a distributor, channel partner, reseller or other third party will, in any manner, expand or modify the terms of the Plan. This Performance Tuning Protection Plan does not supersede any laws or regulations of the city, state or country.
  • Intel® Performance Maximizer is subject to acceptance of a license agreement at time of installation.
  • The activation code for the Intel® Performance Maximizer does not expire.
  • Valid only for orders placed on click.intel.com/Intel-Performance-Maximizer.