How do I place an order on the new Intel® AIM Suite online store?

Adding Products to Shopping Cart
From the Home page select Purchase Intel® AIM Suite.  Scroll down and select the “1 Year Subscription” and enter the quantity you wish to purchase and then select “Add to Cart”.  If you are NOT logged into the store, the system will prompt you to log in or create a new account.  At the shopping cart page, the items and quantities you have chosen, their purchase price and the total dollar amount of all items for purchased will be listed. You can also return to the shopping cart at any time by selecting the cart icon in the upper right of the website.

Continue to Checkout
After you've reviewed the items in the Shopping Cart, you will need to agree to the Terms and Conditions and select your payment option (example; “Pay with Credit Card”).  You will be prompted to confirm the billing address to be used for purchase.  Click continue and you will go to the Payment Information screen.

Payment Information
On the Payment Information screen, select the Saved Credit Card option to continue with your stored credit card.  Or select the PayPal Payments Advanced option to add a new saved credit card.  Once your option is selected and you click continue, you will go to the Order Review screen.  Review your order and click “Place Order” button.

Confirmation and Order Receipt
After completing the purchase, you will see an order confirmation page with your order number. This information is also emailed to the email address on your account. You can also view your order history at any time by logging in and selecting My Account --> My Orders

Ordering Issues
If you encounter problems with the ordering process, contact AIM Suite Store Support with Performance Tuning Protection Plan in the subject.


What is the difference between the new Intel® AIM Suite online store and the old store?
The new Intel® AIM Suite store provides you with greater purchasing support, purchase with credit card or Purchase Order (volume orders only), Intel Technology Provider Single Sign On capability, view past order history and request trial/evaluation licenses.

What forms of payment are accepted?
You can purchase with Credit Card or Purchase Order.  To purchase via Purchase Order you will need to purchase at least ten (10) licenses per order.

How can I change my saved credit card information?
Saved credit card information cannot be modified, however you can enter new credit card information on the purchase page.  You will need to select the “Pay with PayPal” button, and follow the instructions on this page.  You can access this page on the pay with credit card --> payment information  --> select PayPal Advance radio button and continue until screen prompts you for new credit card information.

Can I request a trial/evaluation licenses for Intel® AIM Suite?
Yes. Each customer can request one (1) trial/evaluation license.  Term length of trial/evaluation license is 3 months from activation date.  To request 3 month trial license:  Purchase Intel® AIM Suite -->select “3 Month Trial” Subscription

What is the 3 month trial application process?
Once you select a 3 Month Trial, add it to your cart and checkout; your request will be sent for approval (you will receive an email notification).  The approval can take up to 2 business days.

What is the Intel® Technology Provider (ITP) application process?
The ITP process and welcome page can be found here.  The approval process for getting an ITP account could take some time.

Will my license(s) get auto renewed?
If you purchase your license(s) using a Credit Card, your license(s) are set to Auto Renew automatically.  Your credit card on file will be used at time of renewal.  If you do not want your license(s) purchased via Credit Card to be Auto Renewed you can Opt-Out of Auto Renew. 

NOTE:  Trial/Evaluation license(s) and Purchase Order (PO) licenses will NOT be set to Auto Renew.

How do I Opt-out of Auto Renew for Credit Card purchased license(s)?
To opt-out of auto renew, please go to My Licenses --> View --> select opt-out of auto renew --> select OK.

Where can I get technical information about Intel® AIM Suite?
Technical information can be obtained from our Intel® AIM Suite Knowledge Base or our Solutions Database.