More Online Tools & Design Resources

  • Discover the Power of Intel® Architecture

    The Resource & Design Center gives you access to the documentation, software, and tools you need to design with Intel® processors, chipsets, solid state devices, and more.

  • Intel® IoT Solutions Alliance Directory

    Get to market faster by connecting with Intel® IoT Solutions Alliance members who can help speed development, cut costs, and eliminate design roadblocks.

  • Embedded Product Roadmap

    Intel's past, present, and future embedded processors, chipsets, and system-on-a-chip (SoC).

  • Embedded Samples

    Check availability and order Intel® product samples for your embedded application development needs.

  • Embedded Hardware Test Tool Loan Program

    Borrow debug and validation tools, and download instructional videos and technical content.

  • Design-In Tools Store

    Speed through motherboard and system design with validation tools and services available for purchase from Intel.

  • Schematic and Layout Review Services

    Use this complimentary service to submit your design schematic and we will analyze it for compliance to guidelines, and report potential issues within one week.

  • Authorized Distributors

    Intel® Authorized Distributors offer electronic components and supply and design chain services for original equipment manufacturers.