Intel® Euclid™ Development Kit

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Intel® Euclid™ Development Kit

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The Intel® Euclid™ Development Kit features the integration of Intel® RealSense™ depth camera technology, a motion camera, and an Intel® Atom™ x7-Z8700 Quad core CPU to produce a compact and sleek all-in-one computer and depth camera .  The Intel® Euclid™ Development Kit is designed to be operable out of the box with pre-installed software including an Ubuntu® operating system.
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The Intel® Euclid™ Developers Kit features the integration of Intel® RealSense™ depth camera technology and a motion camera with an Intel® Atom™ x7-Z8700 Quad core CPU to produce an all-in-one compute and depth camera device in a compact and sleek package.  The Intel Euclid Developers Kit is designed to be operable out of the box with pre-installed software including an Ubuntu® operating system.

The Intel® Euclid™ Development Kit is ideal for the robotics community, software developers, makers and other users that desire depth sensing, compute and communications in a mobile and compact package.  The contents of the kit include:

  • Intel® Atom™ x7-8700 Quad-Core processor
  • 4GB memory, 32GB storage
  • Intel® RealSense™ ZR300 Depth Camera components
  • Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth® wireless communications
  • USB 3.0, Micro HDMI, and USB OTG/Charging ports
  • Environmental sensors including inertial measurement unit, barometric pressure sensor, GPS, and proximity sensor
  • Battery and Power Adapter (extra power adapter may be require
  • USB and HDMI cable
  • Pre-installed Ubuntu 16.04 operating system
  • Pre-installed ROS (Robotics Operating System) wrapper with support for RealSense depth camera and middleware.



  • Determine position & orientation using visual odometry
  • Enables 3D spatial perception using motion tracking, depth perception, and area learning.
  • Robust tracking enabled by using depth, wide FOV camera and IMU

Indoor and Outdoor1 performance

  • > 3.5m indoor range and longer range outdoors
  • Uses IR projector for indoor usages and ambient IR from sunlight for outdoors
  • IR pattern provides texture to non-textured objects
  • No multi-camera interference.  Supports multi-camera configuration

ASIC designed by Intel

  • ASIC processes advanced algorithms
  • Enables high depth resolution & frame rate at low power
  • High frame rate enables tracking performance for 3D scanning applications

Fully calibrated camera 

Pre-Installed Software

  • Ubuntu 16.04
  • Robotic Operating System (ROS) Kinetic Kame
  • Custom software layer on top of Ubuntu and ROS provided to allow developers to control the device using a web interface
  • Remote desktop application
  • Evaluation versions of Intel SLAM and Person Tracking Middleware

Ideal platform for Robotics

  • Developers can run, monitor, and manage their robotics application(s) easily with the web interface.
  • Simplified design and development environment with pre-installed ROS and out of the box usage. 
  • Sample applications provided to allow users to quickly start ROS-based robot movement.
  • The software layer enables seamless usage with any ROS-based robot such as Turtlebot or Arduino, allowing users to quickly add sensing capabilities by plugging the device into an existing robot

Modular development

  • Pre-developed “Scenarios” are provided.  (Scenarios are a collection of ROS nodes which enable specific tasks.  New “Scenarios” are easily created by selecting ROS nodes via the web interface). 
  • Rapidly test code on multiple robots or devices
  • Develop and test code on the Intel Euclid Developer Kit by connecting a display, keyboard and mouse and using the Ubuntu desktop environment. 

Mobile Usages

  • Power is supplied to Euclid via the supplied battery (or via the power adapter box)


1The middleware has been optimized for indoor use and has not been tested for outdoor use.





Intel™ Atom® x7-Z8700 Quad Core CPU up to 2.4GHz burst


4GB LPDDR3-1600


eMMC MLC 5.0, 32GB

Storage expansion

Micro SD card slot (up to 128 GB)

I/O Ports

Micro USB 3.0, USB OTG, UART (micro USB connector), micro HDMI (4K2K@30fps)

Input Voltage

5V/3A via battery terminals,

Power Consumption

5W nominal1


Intel Gen 8 GPU


802.11 a/b/g/n, 1x1 DB


BT 4.0




Low Power, Dual I2S interface, Speaker 1W Mono


D-MIC, X3, Noise Cancellation


Integrated Sensor Hub (ISH), Accelerometer, Digital compass, gyroscope, Ambient light, Proximity, Environmental (Barometer, Altimeter, Humidity, Temperature), Thermal


Micro USB 2.0 connector


¼” standard tripod mounting hole


Power (Green) – Power ON/OFF indicator
Charging (Red) – Low power and charging indicator


3.8V 2000 mAh

Operating System

Ubuntu 16.04





































1 CPU 70% utilization, Depth mode = VGA @ 60fps, Color mode = HD @30 fps, and Fisheye mode = VGA @ 60fps.  Power consumption is affected by workloads and operating conditions.   Actual power consumption may vary.

Specifications cont.



Use Environment

Indoor & Outdoor;

Operating Temperature

35°C Max (Still air)

Depth Technology 

Active IR Stereo 

Stereo Imagers Resolution & Frame Rate

2 x VGA @ 60 fps , global shutter, fixed focus

Stereo Imagers FOV (D×V×H)

70° x 46° x 59°

RGB camera resolution and frame rate

2MP, Up to 1080p @ 30fps, 16:9, rolling shutter, fixed focus

RGB camera FOV (D x V x H)

75° x 41.5° x 68°

Depth Output Resolution & Frame Rate

Up to 628×468 @ 60 fps

Depth Output Format


Minimum Depth Distance (Min-Z)

0.6m (628×468)

0.5m (480x360)

Maximum Range

Varies depending on light conditions

Tracking Module

Fisheye camera resolution: VGA @ 60 fps 

Fisheye camera FOV (D×V×H): 166° × 100° × 133°

IMU: 3-axis accelerometer & 3-axis gyroscope
IMU Time Stamp: 50 μsec accuracy



The Intel Euclid Development Kit is available for purchase and shipment to addresses in: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic,. Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, United States

For MSDS, search for mm# 956912:

This software is subject to the U.S. Export Administration Regulations and other U.S. law, and may not be exported or re-exported to certain countries (Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria) or to persons or entities prohibited from receiving U.S. exports (including Denied Parties, Specially Designated Nationals, and entities on the Bureau of Export Administration Entity List or involved with missile technology or nuclear, chemical or biological weapons).


Model: Intel® Euclid™ Development Kit

Intel MM#: 956912

Price: $399.00

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Disclaimers: Intel® Euclid™ Development Kits are provided “As Is”. Intel is under no obligation to provide updates, upgrades, support, or maintenance of any kind under this Agreement. Intel disclaims any and all warranties and guarantees, express, implied or otherwise, arising with respect to the Development Kit delivered hereunder, including but not limited to the warranty of merchantability, the warranty of fitness for a particular purpose, and any warranty of non-infringement of the intellectual property rights of any third party. Intel neither assumes nor authorizes any person to assume for it any other liability. Customer will use the Developer Kit at their own risk. Intel will not be liable to customer for any direct or indirect damages incurred in using the Development Kit. In no event will Intel be liable for loss of profits, loss of use, loss of data, business interruption, nor for punitive, incidental, consequential, or special damages of any kind, even if advised of the possibility of such damages.   The Intel Euclid Developer Kit may have known defects and errata.

Intel will, within ninety (90) days from the date of purchase, either (at Intel’s sole discretion) repair or replace defective Cameras, or provide a refund, which will be your sole remedies.

If you have questions about your camera and would like to interact with other users, please see the community forum: Intel RealSense forum or the Intel Euclid Development Kit community.


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