Terms and Conditions

The Performance Tuning Protection Plan (herein referred to as the “Plan”) is a program owned and administered by Intel® Corporation (“Intel”). The Plan is an optional support plan which, if purchased, would provide specific defined benefits in addition to Intel’s standard boxed processor limited warranty. The Plan is only applicable to Intel boxed processors – processors purchased in tray are not eligible and the plan will not be honored by Intel customer support for tray processors. The Plan only applies to issues directly related to performance tuning, and only provides for a one-time replacement for eligible processors. The Plan may be discontinued, or the terms and conditions of the Plan changed by Intel, at any time, and any such changes will not be retroactive. Any change to the Plan will be communicated only by updates to the following website (www.intel.com/go/tuningplan). Should the Plan be discontinued, all Plans purchased prior to the date of discontinuation or the date of such change(s) will remain in effect and be honored according to the terms and conditions accompanying the Plan at the time of such purchase. Currently all documentation regarding the Plan will be provided solely in English. Intel disclaims any liability in the event that 'performance tuning' is performed, other than replacement of the eligible processor.

Unless specifically set forth below, the terms and conditions for the Plan do not replace, change or otherwise impact the scope or term of Intel’s standard boxed processor limited warranty. No other warranty offered, verbally or in writing, by a distributor, channel partner, reseller or other third party will, in any manner, expand or modify the terms of the Plan. This Plan does not supersede any laws or regulations of the city, state or country.

The Plan provides a one-time replacement: (i) only applicable to the replacement of Eligible Processors and (ii) only when the Plan is purchased within one (1) year of the purchase of the Eligible Processor. The Plan may only be purchased from the Plan website (www.intel.com/go/tuningplan) or an authorized reseller. The Performance Tuning Protection Plan does not affect the length of the standard 3 year warranty. The Plan will cover the processor running out of specifications for the remainder of the standard 3 year warranty.

Go to the Purchase a Plan page for a list of eligible processors. Only the processors listed on the Purchase a Plan page are eligible.